Sunday, September 2, 2012

11. Family Roots Wall

As I stared into the lense
Trying to look my best
I had a flash before the flash
Caught a glimpse of a time yet to be
My departure
There on a table in front of an altar
A photo of me
The one about to be taken
A portrait in a time frame
Like the ones I've seen at the funerals I've been
On their way to a drawer
On their way to a family roots wall
On display for the future to see
Searching for face parts passed on to them
Look at that nose, those eyes, that chin, that grin
Passed on by me to my children's, children's children
Passed on to me by my father's, father's, fathers
For me that wasn't so very long ago
My great grandfathers were born in the 50s
The 1850s, I mean
A blink of an eye
The click of a shutter
That's me there on that table, that wall
Smiling a little because I'm a little smiler
From a long line of little smilers with big chins
Who did my eyes come from

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